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Bioinformatics and Data Science
Bioinformatics and Data Science in one 

Join our bioinformatics training program and learn modern skills in this field in combination with data sciences and machine learning.

Data Science & Artificial Intelligence
Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI

Join our Data Science and Machine Learning Program to learn about big data, data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence

Why to join our programs?


Mentored by Professionals:
You will be mentored by renowned professionals and experts in the field

Networking: The program professors and colleagues will be your valuable endorsers and references when applying for jobs or post graduate studies


Real-life & problem-based learning
Practical modules that will teach you the skills and tools to handle real life tasks.

Pioneering in country: The first in Egypt to provide Bioinformatics certified training courses with minimum expenses. 

Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Morsy
Chairman of Systems and Biomedical Engineering Dept. 
Faculty of Engineering,
Cairo University

Prof. Mohamed Medhat Gaber
Professor of Data Analytics at School of Computing and Digital Technology, Birmingham City University,  Birmingham, UK

Prof. Dr. Amr Wassal
Chairman, Department of Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering,
Cairo University, Egypt

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Zahran
Professor of Computer Science, 
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, 

Prof. Dr. Hesham Ali
Dean of College of Information Science & Technology,
University of Nebraska Omaha, USA

Prof. Dr. Amr Ageez
Prof. of Molecular Biology, Agriculture Research Center, Egypt.

Prof. Mohamed Abouelhoda
Professor of Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt and KFSHRC, KSA

Dr. Mohamed Nooman Ahmed
IBM Fellow, Master Inventor, and AI Director within IBM GBS Federal, USA.

Instructors Team

Prof. Doaa Shawky
Professor of Engineering Mathematics, 
Faculty of Engineering,
Cairo University

Eng. Yasser Elsherif
Chief Technology Officer at eGlobal & Ex manager in Huawei & Mobinil & Egypt Post, 
Cairo , Egypt

Prof. Tamer Basha
Ass. Professor of Biomedical Engineering,
Faculty of Engineering,
Cairo University

Eng. Usama Bakry
Senior Bioinformatician, Egypt Center for Research and Regenerative Medicine, 
Cairo , Egypt

Eng. Ahmed G. Ali
Data Manager
European Bioinformatics Institute, EMBL-EBI,
Hinxton, UK

Eng. Omar S. AbdElGhaffar
Senior Bioinformatician, Egypt Center for Research and Regenerative Medicine,
Cairo , Egypt

Dr. Ibrahim Youssef
Ass. Professor of Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering,
Faculty of Engineering,
Cairo University

Eng. Moustafa Shokrof
Research Assistant
Dept. of Computer Science 
University of California Davis, CA, USA

Extra Information


Professional training certificates are issued per module and per level
Certificates are authenticated by Cairo University

Teaching Method

The courses are mostly live and interactive in classroom. 

Computing power

Computing power will be provided either in lab or through cloud computing.

Systems and Biomedical Engineering Dept.
Faculty of Engingeering, 
Cairo University, Egypt.


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